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Vibrational essence

 The Essences of the Temple are the result of empirical research conducted by Elisa Tosoratti, called Cincillà in Damanhur, and by several collaboratingresearchers. The essences are based on their experiences. Cincillà has an herbalist degree from Padova University in Italy, a specialization in Naturopathy and one as a "Flower Essence Therapist."She is also a graduate of the  School of Spiritual Healers at Damanhur.

During a meditation, she received the inspiration to create vibrational essences that would offer their users an energetic connection with the Templesof  Humankind. Each essence is connected to a specific Hall, and is inspired by its characteristics.
These essences can be used by those who have already been in the Temples and want to continue the inner journey initiated by the visit, as well as by anyone wishing toestablish a first contact withthese reservoirs of mystical and spiritual energies.

  • Hall of Mirrors

    The Hall of Mirrors is dedicated to light, air, the sky, the sun and spirituality. This Temple celebrates and prepares for the reawakening of Read More
  • Hall of Metals

    This Temple is dedicated to metals and to human life stages. It presents a progression from the youngest age, connected Read More
  • Hall of Labyrinth

    Dedicated to the union and the harmony of the Divine Forces of Humanity, the Labyrinth celebrates gods and goddesses of Read More
  • Hall of Water

    Dedicated to the feminine principle inside every human being, this Hall is connected to the cycles of life, to birth Read More
  • Hall of Victory

    The Circolar Hall of Victory—with its beautiful central column— celebrates our planet, the diversity of life and forms, and individual Read More
  • Hall of Earth

    The Hall of the Earth, is composed of two circular rooms that create an infinity sign. This essence is linked Read More
  • Hall of Spheres

    The Hall of Spheres symbolically represents the energetic heart of the Temples. Refined energies that are subtle, telluric, and divine Read More
  • Blue Temple

    Dedicated to Beauty and to practical idealism, the Blue Temple is the oldest Hall of the Temples. Its essence helps Read More
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