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  • Hall of Mirrors

    The Hall of Mirrors is dedicated to light, air, the sky, the sun and spirituality. This Temple celebrates and prepares for the reawakening of the complete Human Being. This essence supports you in identifying the most noble and evolved aspects of yourself, linked to the Divine Principle contained within you. It favors the creation Read More
  • Hall of Metals

    This Temple is dedicated to metals and to human life stages. It presents a progression from the youngest age, connected to iron, to the oldest one, connected to gold, to symbolize human existence as a journey of spiritual refinement. Its essence helps you hear your inner voice. It is useful Read More
  • Hall of Labyrinth

    Dedicated to the union and the harmony of the Divine Forces of Humanity, the Labyrinth celebrates gods and goddesses of all times and all people. Its essence helps comprehend and welcome the diversity of spiritual experiences. It opens doors of communication with the higher dimensions, allowing a connection with the Read More
  • Hall of Water

    Dedicated to the feminine principle inside every human being, this Hall is connected to the cycles of life, to birth and spiritual rebirth. It is also a large library, with ancestral symbols and signs that promote the awakening of profound memories. Its essence helps you embrace and balance your feminine Read More
  • Hall of Victory

    The Circolar Hall of Victory—with its beautiful central column— celebrates our planet, the diversity of life and forms, and individual and cosmic time. This essence favors a connection with our mother Earth, with all the animal and plant species. It supports the awareness of being an integral part of an Read More
  • Hall of Earth

    The Hall of the Earth, is composed of two circular rooms that create an infinity sign. This essence is linked to The Hall of the Eart, in which the masculine principle, active and fertilizing, is celebrated. This vibrational essence stimulates the harmonious expression of the masculine force present in you, Read More
  • Hall of Spheres

    The Hall of Spheres symbolically represents the energetic heart of the Temples. Refined energies that are subtle, telluric, and divine flow through this Hall. Its vibrational essence promotes intuition and mediumship. It facilitates the exploration of the different personalities which compose the human psyche. It helps purify and align your Read More
  • Blue Temple

    Dedicated to Beauty and to practical idealism, the Blue Temple is the oldest Hall of the Temples. Its essence helps you bring your talents more into focus, to clarify your ideals and objectives, and to individuate strategies and actions to reach the growth you desire. It also favors inspiration towards Read More
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The Treasure of the Temple Essences is finishing..... From the 30th March, these Essences will be not available. For this reason, you can receive the last Essences at only 18,70 euro instead of 38,00 euro.


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Jan 08, 2016



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